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So Nyanko-Sensei isn't human and the mun is only human. Not to mention, the mun is always in need of tips and / or advice on how to play Nyanko-sensei better!

Anon on, IP off; tell me how you think I'm doing!

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Saturday, 1 March 2014 23:38
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[ Those who can not hear his voice may hear just a long yowling 'Meoooooooow' over the phone. No matter. Leave a message anyway! ]

-- This accursed device! Is this on now? Yes? Well, how am I supposed to know?

You! The one listening to this! Expecting a majestic being such as me to carry this human device with me everywhere is ludicrous!

However, this message system is a passable idea. Tell me what I need to hear and I might just get back to you. Not through this phone thing, though -- how do you expect paws to operate this machinery? Hey, design one I can use easier next time! Make one specifically designed for me! You hear that? That's your mission from now --

[ The beep cuts off the rest of the message. ]


Saturday, 1 March 2014 22:13
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☑ Threadjacking - I'm pretty much always good with it!
☑ Backlogging - As long as it's not over a month old, I'm good.
☑ Verbal fights / minor physical fights
☑ Angst / fluff

Also, and this is important, in the series humans have various levels in ability when it comes to sensing youkai. Is your character spiritually sensitive? How sensitive? The vast majority of humanity can't so much as hear his voice in cat form, but seeing as role-play tends to be populated with extraordinary people, most can probably at least hear him. Maybe.

That's really up to you!

Here's a post where you can rate yourself on the spiritual sensitivity level, but remember that higher does not always mean stronger, it just means a character is more connected to the spirit realm. Most people will be in the one to five category unless their series deals specifically with spirits or gods and such.
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Let's put this in an easier method to determine things... putting 'normal' or non-spiritually sensitive people on a scale of one to five. If you're unsure where your character falls, you can say they're either in the 1-5 range or not and we will discuss where on the scale their interactions would be. Not all characters would fall on a solid number, even! Most would linger somewhere between numbers: getting traits from both two and three, for example.

THIS DOES NOT ALWAYS FIT! Descriptors will be for as close as I can get to this canon, as supernatural beings from other canons would be drastically different. For those, let's talk!

Also remember: this is in no way canon. This is merely my own speculations about things, and it does not indicate a character's power. This is just closely connected a character is with the spiritual world. Your character can be a 1 and a god-character of some sort who can't sense spirits (*cough*Bhunivelze*cough*).

Descriptions for 1-5! )

Wait -- is your character from a series all about spirits? Were they borne from a long lineage of spiritually sensitive people? Do they interact with spirits all the time? Are they part spirit? There's a further chart for you! Above five would be the people whose lives have been ruined by spirits, or have decided to make spirits their career. But if your character has a canon of being spiritually strong and/or having their lives twined with spirits, then skip the above five.

6-10 aka exorcists, chosen ones, and half-bloods. )